Why Join eWASA?

Why Join?

Are you a Producer looking to join a Producer Responsibility Organisation (PRO) as stipulated in the Extended Producer Responsibility Regulations 2020?

If your business is a:


You manufacture, sell and/or recycle the following product categories:

Large household appliances

Small household appliances

ICT equipment

Consumer electronics

Photovoltaic equipment


Lighting equipment

Electrical and electronic tools


Leisure and sports equipment

Medical appliances

Monitoring and control equipment

Automatic dispensers

Paper and packaging

Singe-use products

You should join eWASA because we are a registered PRO in all the EPR sectors and can offer you the following services:

We reduce the complexity of a non-harmonised legal framework for you:

One central point of contact

Professional administration of the product portfolio

Central on-line put on the market Declarations

Producer – founded and non-for-profit take back systems

Many years of accumulated experience of experts

Excellent price / performance ratio

We provide you with opportunities to:

Network and exchange information with experts

Debate issues at events arranged by interest groups

Have your voice heard in the formulation of legislation

Grow professionally and in business growth

One point of membership for all 3 EPR schemes

Working Groups for each sector of the EPR products

Apply for eWASA Membership

We help our members develop and implement collection and recycling schemes for their products to minimise environmental impact and support a circular economy.

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