EPR Fee Structure

Concurrence letters were issued in June of 2022, and PROs must raise invoices and collect EPR fees from Producers accordingly. eWASA has received the letter of Concurrence on the Proposed EPR Scheme Fees from the Minister of the Department of Forestry, Fisheries and the Environment (DFFE).


Pricing for EEE


Pricing for Lighting Equipment

Paper & Packaging

Pricing for Paper & Packaging
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Electrical and Electronic Equipment - eWaste
Description Price Per Line Item
Small equipment up to 50cm in any direction R1.50 to R3.00 / kg *
Medium equipment 50cm - 100cm in any direction R1.50 to R3.30 / kg *
Large equipment greater than 100cm in any direction R1.50 to R3.60 / kg *
Batteries (Lithium) - not single use R7.00 / kg

* Price range is dependent on the size of the item and the eco-modulation of the product (the recyclability of the hazardous waste)

Lighting (charged per item and not per kg)
Group A
Description Price Per Line Item
Gas Discharge Lamps R1.50
Low-pressure discharge lighting Fluorescent R1.50
HID R1.50
Lighting for special purposes R1.50
Group B
Description Price Per Line Item
Retrofit LED R1.50
LED Linear Tubes R1.50
LED Bulbous Shape R1.50
New LED Sources R2.00
LED lighting and luminaires R2.00
LED indoor lighting R2.00
LED outdoor R2.00
LED street lights R2.00
Electronic components R1.75
Group D
Description Price Per Line Item
Other light Emitting Devices: Both LED and Halogen R1.50
Vehicle lighting R3.75
Lighting from other electronic equipment R1.75
Lamps R2.00
Other R4.00
Group G
Description Price Per Line Item
Luminaries & other equipment R3.00
Street lights R3.00
Indoor fixtures R3.00
Outdoor fixtures R3.00
Modules R1.75
Ballasts/Drivers R1.75
Electrical components R1.75
Group F
Description Price Per Line Item
Laser, pixel and UGVC lighting R8.00
Off-grid solar-powered lighting R4.00
Lighting solar panels R0.63
Solar lighting energy storage (batteries) R3.00 per KG
Halogen lamps R1.00
Incandescent filament lamps R0.75
Paper and Packaging
Description Fee per Ton
Rigids R250.00
Flexibles R450.00
Polystyrene R250.00
Vinyls R250.00
Multi-layer R750.00
PET R450.00
Description Fee per Ton
Packaging paper R6.92
Office paper R8.58
Newsprint, magazines, coated paper R7.98
Label backing paper R76.83
Paper sacks currently recyclable R14.73
Paper sacks not currently recyclable R38.78
Liquid board packaging R365.47
Multi-layer paper-based packaging R60.21
Description Fee per Ton
Tinplate (ferrous) sourced from local convertors R135.00
Aluminium – sourced from local convertors R105.00
Tinplate (ferrous) – imported filled metal packaging R151.00
Aluminium – imported filled metal packaging R117.00
Description Fee per Ton
All R86.64
Description Fee per Ton
All R120.00