eWASA News – 4 Feb 22

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EPR Update: OEMs

As you are all aware that as per EPR regulations put in place, all OEMs/Producers have to comply with the following regulations in terms of the amended ACT:

  1. Register with a PRO and
  2. Pay the EPR Fee in the following sectors:
  • Lighting Sector
  • EEE
  • Packaging and
  1. Submit product POM forecasts across all three waste streams for the 14 months (Nov 21 to Dec 22) to the PRO

The PRO has to create a network detailing all the recyclers and collectors countrywide that can uplift all the e-waste that have been dropped off, treat it accordingly and manage and report in terms of the regulations governing e-waste.

To help us create and collate an accurate and detailed database, please complete the attached questionnaire and return it to us by no later than Wednesday, 16 February 2022. This applies to all branches/dealerships/stores etc



Job Opportunity: Urban Mining Business Manager – click here for the job description and how to apply.



Global Plastic Trade Data

The Basel Plastic Waste Amendments were enacted on January 1, 2021

The EU, UK, Japan, and Canada initially reduced plastic waste exports to non-OECD countries in January 2021, but exports have steadily increased since then.

Japan plastic waste exports to non-OECD countries, increasing back up to 2020 levels:

  • Japan increased from 22 million kg/month in January 2021 to 47.0 million kg/month in November 2021 to non-OECD countries

EU significantly increasing plastic waste exports to Turkey after relaxation of Turkey’s ban:

  • Turkey: Increase in EU exports to Turkey to 45.5 million kg/month in November 2021 from 4.6 million kg/month in July 2021.

  • Non-OECD Countries: Major increase in EU exports to non-OECD countries from 29.4 million kg/month in May 2021 to 44.6 million kg/month in November 2021.

The UK is increasing plastic waste to Turkey from 0.5 million kg/month in July 2021 to 4.1 million kg/month in November 2021.

The US decreased plastic waste exports to non-OECD countries to 18.5 million kg in November (2020 average was 28.5 million kg/month), with California accounting for 26%. Increase in plastic waste exports to Mexico (7.8 million kg/month).

OECD countries continue to flood non-OECD countries with plastic waste. Portion (%) of 2021 plastic waste exported to non-OECD countries: Japan (91%), US (44%), and EU (42%) through November 2021. Source BAN.org.



Circularity Gap Report 2022: Time for a circular economy, See the launch here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXfl2bQiFp3P-3l7dcd5EcA



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