Companies That Refurbish or Repair IT Equipment in SA

When Professional Repair is Better than DIY


YouTube has become the new source of truth for many of us, especially when it comes to DIY. Today, you can learn how to fix almost anything online, from broken zippers to smashed windows. When it comes to electronics, however, do-it-yourself is not always wise.


Home repairs can be dangerous when there’s electricity involved, not to mention deadly to your device’s warranty. They also often require specialised equipment that most of us don’t have on hand. In the end, it may take more time and energy to fix something at home than to hire a professional.


In South Africa, we have no shortage of skilled appliance and IT repair technicians. Today, we explore some of their businesses and what they’re doing for the environment and the economy.


Repair vs Refurbish


Before we dive into the details, let’s define electronics refurbishment. The difference between repair and refurbishment comes down to the amount of work technicians do on a device.


With repairs, technicians usually focus on fixing one or two specific elements. Refurbishment, on the other hand, involves restoring the product to a like-new condition by replacing many internal parts, polishing external surfaces, doing a deep clean, etc. Refurbished electronics are fully functional and suitable for resale.


The Second Hand Goods Act in South Africa


Many e-waste buyers in South Africa refurbish what they can for resale. Through refurbishment, they make IT equipment more accessible on a lower budget and reduce e-waste in our environment. However, before refurbishers can sell products to the public, they must register as an official second-hand goods dealer with the SAPS.


Registering as a dealer ensures refurbishers comply with The Second Hand Goods Act which aims to prevent the trade of stolen goods. The law requires dealers to display their registration certificate in their shops/offices – make sure you see it before selling your used devices.


Project Spotlight: Taking Care of Business


Taking Care of Business is an award-winning South African NPO that helps unemployed individuals start their own businesses. The organisation’s Repair, Remake, and Resell programmes teach students how to build a business in the circular economy, repairing or refurbishing old clothes and electronics to earn an income.


TCB provides training, skills development, and support to its students, and currently has five branches across South Africa. Most programme graduates now own successful businesses that keep clothing waste and e-waste out of landfills while helping them provide for their families.


Refurbish and Resell: 6 Businesses Fighting e-Waste in SA


As Taking Care of Business has proven, refurbishing electronics offers considerable earning potential. Here’s how South African entrepreneurs are turning e-waste into business opportunities by recycling and restoring IT equipment.


  1. AST Recycling
    Since 2013, AST has been recycling e-waste and catalytic converters. They buy circuit boards and used IT equipment, refurbish them, and sell the devices on their website for a fraction of the market price. All the refurbished devices from AST come with a six-month warranty, and they offer free collection nationwide.

  2. Electronic Cemetery
    This Durban e-waste recycling company helps businesses and households recycle IT equipment and refurbishes computers for charity. The company collects e-waste, refurbishes what they can, and recycles the rest. Many of the refurbished laptops and PCs go to schools in need, but some are available for purchase from Refurb SA.

  3. Just PCs
    Just PCs sells professionally refurbished computers and office tech online, all of which come with a 12-month warranty. The sister company, Just ECO, handles the collection and refurbishment process. Schools, government, businesses, and the general public can sell their used IT equipment to Just ECO or get it refurbished for donation.

  4. PartServe
    Unlike other refurbishers on this list, PartServe offers an electronics repair service. This service allows you to keep using your devices for longer. It also does IT refurbishments and sells spare parts for major tech brands such as Acer and HP. All their refurbished computers, gaming consoles, phones, and tablets come with a three-month warranty.

  5. Qrent
    Businesses can rent IT equipment like laptops, printers, and tablets from Qrent for up to 36 months. Most of this equipment is refurbished and comes from Qrent’s e-waste and IT asset disposal branch. This division helps businesses get rid of outdated technology and includes a comprehensive data sanitization service as part of the refurbishment process.

  6. Universe Direct CC
    Small businesses, students, and anyone on a tight budget can buy refurbished IT online from Universe Direct. This Cape Town-based company refurbishes old equipment by replacing all worn parts, scrubbing the hard drive, and reconditioning the machine to working order. It also offers IT asset disposal for businesses and a short-term rental service.


Repair, Don’t Replace


Repairing and refurbishing electronics saves the planet from hazardous e-waste that kills birds and animals and pollutes our water. It also keeps valuable materials in the economy and helps people access the equipment they need for work or school at a cheaper price.


Do you run an e-waste recycling business? Become an eWASA member for help with collection, recycling, legal compliance, and more. For more information, feel free to get in touch.

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